My Father is a survivor!

My father is a 75yr old african american male, diagnoised with stage 1 breast cancer at 72yrs old. He noticed a lump in his left breast that he said had been there for a while and has began to bother him. When he went for his regular checkup, we mentioned it to his physician. His physician ordered a biospy, the results came back. He was told that he has breast cancer, his sister who is 90yrs old, is a breast cancer survivor and has had a masectomy. My father had a left breast masectomy also. He did not do any radiation therapy or chemo. My father is on the poster for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure poster for 2008. He is the father of 4 girls and we make sure we get our mammograms on time because we know that breast cancer runs in our gens. My father is proud to speak out about his cancer to let other males know that it could happen to them. My father, Donald Dennis is a real trooper!