My Friend Annie

To My Friend Annie My friend Annie had breast cancer. Her hair was long and beautiful. When she told me I was very upset because I knew someone that had died of breast cancer. Annie has 2 young children. I knew this was hard for her. Having cancer is hard for anyone. She had the tumor removed. The tumor was so big that the doctors said she should have had her breast removed but she was under and hadn't given consent to remove her breast so the doctors only removed the tumor. She is having all the treatments that a person with breast cancer normally has and has lost her beautiful hair. What keeps her going is the lady from her church that is over 60. Both women get their cancer treatments, stay very positive, and give the glory to God. Annie is an inspiration to all she meets. When she told me she had breast cancer she said. "This is something that God wants me to experience." I was working with Annie until I found out that I had cancer in my leg and had to quit my second job. My cancer was just a small thing compared to Annie's cancer but whenever I have a problem I just think of her. I know she gets sick every time she has a treatment and never complains so I won't complain either. Annie, you are great and I pray you live a long life, cancer free, and enjoy your children. (I changed the name of my friend because she doesn't know I am sending this) Sincerely, Your friend Terri
Riley, KS