Angela My friend , My Oncology Nurse Our story is in two parts, the treatment and the things that take place after. Angela and I came together as a team when my Breast Cancer was discovered, through a Mammogram and ultrasound. The results were sent to my Doctor who made arrangement to have this taken care of. A Core Needle Biopsy was done . I was told that I had stage 1 Breast Cancer , a lump was removed along with 3 lymph nodes were moved. The Cancer was found early I was able to receive a treatment called Mammosite. This procedure was something new to me, there were questions that I needed answered . She explained how long the treatment would last and what they would be doing. 5 days 2 times a day and that I would be good to go. Knowing what was to take place made me comfortable. She was there each time making me comfortable. She is a single Mom of 2 , holds a Certificate in Clinical Administration Medical Assistant an Associate of Arts-Health Care Management and Technology Specialization. Now is lead Radiation Oncology Medical assistant. Even though she holds many titles, she does each job as needed. The Second part of this story takes place 6 months later when I went for my follow up. Here she was in a my new Doctor office . Each time I see the Doctor she continues to love and support me. I It takes a special person to spend their life loving and caring for people that have to go through this pain and stressful time in their life. Angela is my sister and my friend.
Sharon Lewis
Queen Valley, AZ