My Hero: Doris Parreno

Doris Parreno went to the doctor for a routine physical. On November, 2011, she had a mammogram and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Triple Positive, Estrogen Positive, High Grade, DCIS, Invasive, Aggressive Carcinoma. She was prescribed a very heavy treatment which included Lumpectomy, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Herceptin and Tamoxifen for 5 years. She did get the lumpectomy. The rest of the treatment was so scary considering it was referred to it as “preventive treatment”. Before her scheduled chemo date, she did a lot of research as to various options but was hesitant to try anything else because she figured the hospitals know best. In the process of her research, she heard Suzanne Somers talk about ‘chemo sensitivity test’. Doris thought it made sense if she had to do chemo she better do that test. She did the test and discovered that the chemo that was going to be given had a very high chance of not working. She had seen friends go through ‘chemo’ that did not work; and it could have been recipe for disaster. So, she asked her oncologist if she could have the chemo that was going to work based on the chemo sensitivity test. She told Doris that they do not customize treatment for patients and what was offered is what she would have to take. The test also offered alternative therapies that were non toxic and seemed to work for the circulating tumour cells that Doris had. She had no choice but to go the alternative route. As soon as she started to follow that route she started to get better. In one month her area of inflammation went down 75% and her numbers improved; so it was working and she didn’t have to compromise her immune system. She went on an intense program to fight the battle with cancer on intense IV therapy, supplements, needles, German acupuncture, Gerson Therapy and essential oils. Three years after her diagnosis, she can say that she is on her way to full healing. Doris now dedicates her time by telling others of this alternative route.
Norma Trivino
Richmond Hill, Canada