My Inspiration

What keeps me going everyday, is my inspirational grandmother. Though she lost her battle with cancer, she lost it with her head held high. When she received the news of her diagnosis, she was shocked, yet optimistic. I feel very fortunate to be alive; not because I am a survivor, but because I brought the cancer to her attention. I was about one year old when I accidentally kicked my grandmother in her breast. She felt a lump and had severe bruising. She had a mammogram and was dealt with the horrible blow. But, she was always thankful for my rowdiness, because I brought the cancer to her attention before it got to be unstoppable, and remission was out of the question. She has always been an inspiration to me and always will be. I miss her, but I now know how I can help and why helping is so important. It also reminds me of how optimism is helpful. I always remember that no matter the troubles or difficulties I face, if my grandmother can be optimistic even though her difficulty was far worse than mine, so can I.
Talbott, TN