My Journey Through Grace And Mercy!

Hello, My name is Ruth Smith and I was diagnosed with Carcinoma of left breast with possible axillary metastases on June 6, 2003 the month of my birthday. That is a moment that I will always remember and will never forget how traumatized I was after hearing the news from my pathology report. I immediately underwent a mastectomy of right breast with frequent office visits and chemotheraphy for six months and required a flexible work schedule to accommodate my appointments. During this time I suffered side effects of hair loss, nausea, fatigue, and temporarily lowered blood count because systemic treatments treats the whole body. I was told by my oncologist that my resistance was very low and I should not be under stress or duress but I never missed a day of caring for my husband who had a stroke in 2000 and I help my oldest daughter who is bed ridden with rheumatoid arthritis as I speak. Sadly my husband went home to be with the Lord on July 10, 2008. I have an excellent medical team that promised to get me through to the other side which was strengthen by my trust in God and the support of my immediate family, church family and friends which includes members of Camp Bluebird (An Adult Cancer Camp). I am now a survivor of five years and I just began to feel the weight and heavy load that I carried for all those years and I have finally slowed down and advise you to realize that you are not superwomen and invite you to join me as I hold on, if you are in a similar situation.
Ruth Newsome Smith
Jackson, MS