My Miracle Child

I was diagnosed at 36 years of age with stage 2 breast cancer in 2006. Two days later I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. I knew there was no chance of me terminating the pregnancy, I trusted completely on God. I went forward with my lumpectomy and begin 4 treatment of chemo during my 2nd trimester. In June of 2006, my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer, we both were taking chemo at the same time. In July of 2006, after I finished my first rounds of chemo, my son came 2 months early. He stayed in NICU for 22 days, and while he was there I started chemo again. In October, my sister passed, she lived 5 months after discovering her cancer. In Jan. of 2007 I started my 6 weeks of radiation treatment and took care of my 5 month old son. Since 2006, I have dealt with sickeness, death, and pregnancy, but during this all, I have kept my FAITH strong in the Lord. He is truly the only way that I made it through. Today I am 3 years cancer free, and raising my son who is turning 3, as a single parent. He is my miracle and my joy for everything that I do, I do for him.
Statesboro, GA