My Mom Natalie just had a radical mastectomy and lymph node removal on Thursday April 16, 2009. She had the aggressive kind of cancer, so she has already gone through 6 months of chemo before her surgery. Due to the lack of medical insurance the past couple of years, my Mom went without a mammogram for 3 years. Undetected we had no idea she had breast cancer. Once my mom was able to receive coverage from the state, they found the tumor which in turn had already spread into the lymph nodes. Throughout all this, my Mom's spirit has NEVER been broken!! She takes life day by day, and couldn't wait to "get the surgery over with" so she can take the road to recovery!!! Never once did I hear any kind of words that said she was quitting!!! I belong to an organization called Soldiers' Angels, we provide support to our troops, and when I told the other Angels what was going on in my life, they made sure my Mom was well taken care of with "angel love" She received literally hundreds of cards from around the country giving her hope and prayers and strength!!! Every day I click here on the site, in hopes that other women will not have to go without the necessary health care, mammograms, etc. Cancer Sucks, but it doesn't have to take your whole life away. Thank you for letting me share my story!!!
Kim Souza
Fall River, MA