My Mother in Law, the Survivor and Advocate

My Mother in law Sunnie Jacobs was diagnosed with stage 2 Inflammatory Breast Cancer in December of 2005. Since then she has stopped at nothing to fight the cancer and inform women how deadly early detection of this breast cancer could be. She received a proclaimation from Gov. Charlie Crist (FL) that the first week of October would be known as IBC week. She doesn't stop at that. She speaks at the new cancer institute in Boca Raton Fl. and she has even made the trip to Washington D.C. to Lobby on IBC awareness. She has been an inspiration to me because when she should be enjoying the years of her life she is fighting to save countless others. I am an advocate for her in everyway. I try to tell someone everyday about IBC and early detection and inform women like I will here. That this breast cancer does not show as a lump, it is the most commonly misdiagnosed (which is why it is so deadly) and it cannot be seen in a mamogram. So women and Mothers Please inform yurself about this cancer and know what to look for. This cancer knows no age limit. It has been diagnosed in girls as young as twelve and the 5 year survival rate is only 50%. Inform your Doctors and insist on an MRI if you suspect something.
Jennifer Jacobs
Moline, IL