My Mother, My Hero

My mother was my hero. She passed away in 1994 of breast cancer. She fought it for 10 years, and then finally the battle was over. She was the most loving, sweet and kind woman there ever was. She put her everything into taking care of me and my brother and baby sister. Sometimes she would go without, so that we would have what we needed. In 1984, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She underwent the Chemo, and the pills, and the laying on of hands and prayer. She bravely boarded a plane in 1989,(she had never flown before), and came to Washington to be with me as my 2 year old daughter underwent Open Heart Surgery. She was not feeling well, but came anyway. She was a very giving, loving Grandma. My kids did not get to know her, and I wish they could have. The cancer and chemo finally got the best of her. It spread to her Esphagus, and then to the brain, and one sunny day in October of 1994, she breathed her last breath. She is gone, but never forgotten. Every Mother's day, I buy a balloon that says, Happy Mother's Day, and I go somewhere private, talk to Mom, and let the balloon go. I have not missed a Mother's Day yet, and I never will. I walk the Breast Cancer walks, and light a candle for my mom everytime. I love her and miss her desperately.
Kirsty Clemensen
Melbourne, FL