My Mum - always First to Me

2008 will always be remembered as the worst year for my family as it was the year my Mum, Margaret was told at the age of 80 that she had Breast Cancer. A death sentence - no, a story of courage, strength and determination. The options were to have the entire breast removed, major surgury at her age, Mum went right ahead, had the surgery and despite several set backs along the way, 12 months on has gotten on with her very busy social life, extolls the greatness of her Doctors, the home nurses and her blessings. The sad thing about this is that after 75 years of age she was told she did not require screening anymore. This was untrue and all women should continue being screened every year to ensure the cancer is found early enough to allow them to have more of a chance for survival. To all women who have suffered from Breast cancer, I applaud your courage and wish you a speedy recovery to a full like. Chris Steele Daughter of Surviver.
Christine Steele
Greystanes, Australia