My Mum's Battle

I would just like to show you how far my mum has come in 2 years! She was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma in 2013. She underwent months of grueling chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, lymph node removal, a double mastectomy and recently a breast reconstruction. She has done us all so proud at how she has dealt with her battle and she remained so positive throughout. Thankfully, she kicked cancers bum and she looks absolutely fantastic. She gives hope for other people suffering this horrible disease that we can beat it! Not only is she the bravest, most amazing woman ever but she's also pretty talented too! She wrote a poem that I would like to share about chemotherapy which I'm sure lots of people can relate to... Well done Mum, you really are one in a million..... My Chemo Friend Protected from light A bag, plastic and red Hanging there menacingly Above my head A cannula gently Introduced in my vein Overwhelming anticipation But I was in no pain The clock was set I started my fight With a determined heart With all my might I watched the first drops I dreaded what would come Your reputation Was fearsome You made me sick You took my hair You sapped my strength Till I was barely there My brain was fogged Confused and slow Incapable of thought Of why or how I struggled with all You did to me It was a long, hard road To be cancer-free It was worth it though I got there in the end Thanks for everything My chemo friend Written by Elaine Tracey
steph arrand
Doncaster, United Kingdom