My reasons for fighting 4/18/2009

This is me on the left of the photo with my beautiful daughter on Christmas night 2008. She is only a part of my reason for fighting the beast. This awful disease called cancer took from me my sweet, beautiful mother who lost her 4 year battle with colon cancer March 7th 2004. I also lost the father to my children to stomach cancer when he was only 26 years old on November 15, 1990. Also lost my my Grandmother Lackey in 1972. Cancer is strong in my family and has taken a great deal from us all. It has touched just about every life on this earth in one way or another. I try not to worry for my beautiful family. They are all at risk and I hope with all I am, that the experiences they have endured with cancer has woke them up, so they will get regular physicals and take care of themselves. I was diagnosed with breast cancer May 25, 2006 at the age of 38. That was almost 3 years ago. I underwent a double mastectomy and chemo. I'm doing well, and I will continue to fight this disease until the cure is found or the good Lord takes me away. So to all of you out there, forgive yourself and others, love freely, laugh often, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, keep your scheduled check-ups with the doctor, keep the faith, never stop fighting and remember--The glory of each morning is that it offers you a chance to begin again.
Vickey L Matthews
Talladega, AL