My story surviving Breast Cancer

I had a mammogram in March of 2009 and it was normal. In May 2009 I found a pea size lump in my right breast. Watched it for a couple months, it didn't go away or get any bigger. I asked my boyfriend at the time to feel it, he's like maybe you should get it checked. So in August of 2009 I went to my family doctor and she referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon did a biopsy but it came back inconclusive. She scheduled surgery to remove it. The results came back I had Stage (1) invasive Breast Cancer. Fortunately I did not need chemo, but I had 6 weeks of radiation. Then I was placed on Arimidex for 5 years. I'm happy to say as of today I'm a 5 year survivor. I'm so grateful to my boyfriend to have encourage me to have it checked. My surgeon said had I waited for my next mammogram my prognosis wouldn't have been that good. So I encourage everyone if something doesn't feel right have it checked immediately I'm so glad I did.

North Olmsted, OH