My Story

Well, December 2013 started with a shock - me? breast cancer?!!! And that was the start of my huge emotional rollercoaster ride. My life and my health was now being controlled by others, so the first thing I had to do was 'let go' - that was lesson one! The following lessons were - to trust in myself and listen to my body, tap into my own healing power and knowledge, to not listen to others' horror stories and negativity. I surrounded myself with positive people and thoughts - where possible. I had the colour yellow as my support colour (yellow flowers in the house, a yellow piece of material in my bag) all reminding me of sunshine. For my surgery, I envisaged its success and my fast healing, in my chemo I envisaged the syringes emptying healing liquid sunshine into my system, the radiotherapy was the warm sun. My partner of only 18 months helped me put together a playlist of music that I loved to dance/ listen to. Every day I repeated positive mantras 'Everyday I get better and better' etc. I ate healthily, took about 10 days off work in total during the treatments. I was lucky to have a good support network around me (and I learnt to ask when I needed to) I believe that the main healing points were my own self belief, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, Rieki etc, alongside traditional medicine, positive people/words. and of course my partner, who is now my husband Obviously it wasn't always easy, at times my confidence was knocked, my femininity was shoved out of the window and my newish relationship was challenged. But, you know what? I am glad that I went through it all. One of the most amazing things was that I hadn't had a sense of smell for 15 years, I couldn't breathe through my nose, yet three days after my first chemo session it all came back! I smelt roast dinner and cut grass for the first time in years! I had been a cygnet and I came out the other side, a Swan.
Brighton, United Kingdom