My story

I have always excerised and watched what I ate. People alway quessed my age to be 10-15 years younger than what I was. Three years ago I had an abnormal mammogram and thought no big deal; I was 50years old and nothing like this ran in my family. I had a biopsy a few months later and found I had DCIS stage 0 with a reccomended treatment of a mastectomy. I had never had anesthesia but I have worked as a nurse for 30 years with kids going to surgery all the time. Beside having kids I had never been in a hospital as a patient. This has taught me a valuable lession about family and friends. It also has taught me to live life and love life like there is no tomorrow because it is naive to think there will be a tomorrow. I have been cancer free now for 3 years. My daughter's Godmother had the same diagnosis a few years before me and she has just found out now she has lung cancer. I pray for all of us with this diagnosis that we remain cancer free. All I know to do is take care of my self the best way I can. I have an 11 year old daughter and I plan to dance at her wedding.
Mary Ash
Indianapolis, IN