My Story

May 2014 I was diagnosed with right breast cancer at the age 58. I have always gone in every year for Mannograms. But that year I had a Mannogram and a Ultrasound then the next day for biopsy. Then the phone call came in from my Dr. and that I was told that I had right breast cancer. I had a MRI done that is where I was told that I was at stage 3, invasive ductal carcinoma and nonvasive ductal carcinoma,Triple Negative,Her2nu. Had done Chemo, Surgery, Radation. When I started my Chemo in June 2014 had started cycle 1 then cycle 2 in Aug finished all all this in Oct 30 and had surgery on Dec 3 got the result 2 days later, I was clean.But I have Herceptin as a maintinence that I also started in Aug and finish it in this Aug 2015.And I never gave up the hope and kept going strong and finishing the fight.
Deletha Goodnight
Whitefish, MT