My story.

I went for my yearly mammogram October 2013 and a spot showed up. They sent me for a biopsy 3 days later, and found it to be cancer. I went to the surgeon, and she was surprised, you could not feel it. I was a stage 1. By the time the surgery happened on nov 6 th, it was a high stage 2. They did a mastectomy as I asked, also took 3 lymph nodes. After my gene testing results came back, I opted for a mastectomy of my left breast. That one was all clear. The also removed 9 more lymph nodes on the right at that time. Then came the chemo in jan, I was lucky I only had to do 4 rounds, but it was a great weight loss program. I lost 45 pounds during it. The only problem I really had, was my scar split, and I had to have a nurse come 3 days a week for 5 months for them to heal. Then when everything was good with my breast cancer, they found I had a 58% chance of getting ovarian cancer, so in August 2014 I had my ovaries and tubes removed. Luckily, no signs of cancer. Now I am working on losing weight, so I just had the gastric sleeve done a few weeks ago. I am 57 yrs old, and I want to be around along time. Cancer is a family thing. My mom had ovarian, my dad and son at age 30 had colon cancer, and 2 aunts had brain. It is something I really have to be aware of. I am glad I have made it through, I know it's tough, but just keep praying through it, it may take a lot out of you, but living is great. I send my best wishes to all who have gone through it or have someone they love going through it. Good luck.
Kay zilverberg
Colorado Springs, CO