August of 2012 was going very badly and I couldn't wait till it was over, September had to be better. Early in August I surgery on my spinal cord. Two weeks later I was back in the hospital, having to lie flat on my back, due to a cerebral spinal fluid leak. After a week, I was released and I couldn't wait to get home and take a shower! The first shower was heavenly until I felt a lump in my right breast. This couldn't really be anything, I reasoned, except an inflammed cyst. I decided to monitor it, I just knew it would disappear. By the end of October, I had to face the fact that the lump was still there. It was time to get it checked, no more denial! Dr. appointment, ultrasound, biopsy, diagnosis: CANCER! Deep down I already knew but hearing the words brought the abstract into reality. Surgery had to wait, the cancer was extremely aggressive and there were two lumps, not just one, to contend with. Chemotherapy was started in January of 2013 followed by a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I realize how foolish I was to have waited and how lucky I am that my outcome was a positive one, because I have a strong family history of breast cancer. Early detection and treatment is the only way to go!
Marilyn Wittenburg
Worthington, OH