NEVER question intuition

I was diagnosed in Oct of 2007 with the "best breast cancer" you could have if you have to have it. DCIS. I am so glad for my dear friend who too was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago. I was not feeling right about my doctors opinion of my annual mammogram. I didn't feel any lumps or bumps but couldn't put my finger why I was feeling this way. She said I was fine and come back in a year. Well I went around feeling this way for about a month. I told my dear friend Gloria a nurse, how I was feeling and she said go see my doctor. He's really good and you will love him. This doctor is a breast surgeon and specializes in breast health. I took my mammo pictures with me for him to look at. He looked at them and also had me do another mammogram. When he got the results about an hour later he asked me to have a biopsy...I did and 2 days later found out I had Breast Cancer and 3 days later had partial masectomy. Radiation and Tamoxifen followed. I am in my second year taking Tamoxifen and feel good. When I gave my doctor the reason for being there in the first place he said to me,,,"Linda I NEVER question a womens intuition" Go figure! I am glad he feels that way. Because I have three daughters and 2 grandughters my new doctor said it might be a good idea to have genetic testing done. I did and BRAC1 and BRAC 2 are not in my genetics. Thank you Lord.
Schaumburg, IL