Never Thought I would hear those 3 words again

Back in 1995 when I was 35 I had a complete hysterectomy for cervical and uterine cancer. In Jan2016 I had just seen my ob/gyn and was told "congrats you are 20 years cancer free". I was on top of the world till Feb 4 2016 when I had my mammogram and they saw something they didn't like. 4 more images and told I needed a biopsy. My biopsy was negative but my surgeon was not convinced, he was sure I had cancer so he did a lumpectomy on Feb 23 and Feb 29 I got the results and heard those horrible words again. It was invasive ductal carcinoma and also DCIS. 1cm in size, late stage 1 early stage 2 grade 1b. Clean margins and clean lymph nodes. It is HER2neg and ER, PR positive. Oncotype DX score of 7 so no chemo, just 21 rounds of radiation that will be over on May 4, and an oral medication for the next 5 years. I am now 56 and I know that if I beat cancer once I will beat it again. To say I am not a little worried would be a lie but God, my wonderful husband and children and great doctors got me through cancer once and they will get me through it again.
Melinda Conner