Never would have thought I would be the one!!!!

Hello I am 35 years old three year survivor of breast cancer. I never would have thought of having a mammogram at my age so lucky me, my Dr. found a lump on one side but the cancer was on the other side. I had a choice to have a lumpectomy but why take the chance so I just had a mastectomy to lesson my chances of the cancer coming back. I have taken this as a blessing from god and have been supporting others like me who don't have the support that is needed for this life long process. My prayers are with all of my sister's and brother's of cancer may the lord bless you! I would like to say thank you to the wonderful Dr Wanda Simmons-Clemons for saving my life and pushing me to know that I could deal with this and to live on also to Dr. Schultz and Dr Sued of St Joseph for all of there support. I am available for anyone who has any questions or just in the need of a friend to deal with the day to day feeling.
Baltimore, MD