Not only was the weather Hot, so were the sites...

This picture was taken last summer during the 60 kilometer Weekend to End Breast Cancer walk in Edmonton. This was my 3rd walk and my daughter Leah's 2nd. It was very hot outside but the sites were even hotter as we encountered some very handsome men from Grey's Anatomy who offered to let us take their picture. The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is a 2 day 60 kilometer walk throught the streets of Edmonton. It is amazing and rewarding. This summer "2009" I will walk my 4th walk alongside of my team, "The Radiant Ladies" I look forward to once again raising funds to help find a cure for all women cancers... BREAST CANCER IS HARD. WALKING ISN'T. Please visit Peggy S. Brown (Team Capitain-"Radiant Ladies)
Peggy S. Brown
Edmonton, Canada