Not so fast

A year ago almost to the date on 9/23/15 I was diagnosed with stage II invasive ductral carcinoma in my right breast. I was a truck driver and felt that my right breast had a burning pain from the side to the nipple. I felt all over many times for lumps and discoloration but didn't feel anything. Since I was in Salt Lake City for a couple of days my partner had found a free breast mammogram center for me to go. There my mammogram came back showing a mass and I needed to get back there for a biopsy. Ten days later I came back to have it done. It hurt like heck and they was only able to get one sample. Three days later I was told I have cancer. I decided to get off the road to take care of it but didn't realize how long and what it would take. I was naive to say the least. Will the first thing I thought I would just have a mastectomy and it would be over, but when I went home to Washington State my oncologists said I would not have to go that drastic and she recommended lumpectomy followed by chemo and radiation. What happen was I got the surgery the Friday before thanksgiving and ten days later had to go back for a second surgery to get more lymph-nodes on account of positive results. I got through the surgery's, chemo and radiation and have a slight problem with lymphedema on my right arm and hand.Finally I thought I was ready to go back to work 9/23/16. Not so fast, I had my one years mammogram to clear me for work driving truck again when they found a mass and results of the cancer now in my left breast. I guess I will be getting a bilateral mastectomy and hopefully no chemo. Although being bold didn't bother me, I feel like I've been there, done that, kind of thing. I am looking forward to getting back on with my life. P.S. I am grateful for my partner.
Jamie Branigan
Sequim, WA