One Family's Story

My mother died at age 64 of breast cancer. My sister died at age 44 of breast cancer, just 6 weeks after my mother. My mothers mother, my grandmother, had also died at age 32 of breast cancer. I was only 42 when I lost my mom and sister and I started to look for answers. My doctors agreed that because of my family history it was not a matter of IF but WHEN I would also get breast cancer. I looked into getting a double mastectomy and the doctors agreed it would be a good idea but the insurance company said no. So I waited and waited and waited for the ticking time bomb inside my own body. I only had to wait 6 yrs, I was 48 when I got the news. I had one small lump, smaller than a pea. I opted for a double mastecotmy. My friends thought I was out of my mind but to me it was a no brainer. Unlike my mother and my sister, I had extensive family history to work with. I was one of the lucky ones. No lymph nodes were involved so I needed no cemo or radiation. My cancer was detected early and I now have been cancer free for 13yrs. So far, 17 people in the family have been tested for the Brca gene and all but 2 have come back positve including several males. My oldest daughter tested negative so her children are free of the curse. My insurance will not test me because I have already had breast cancer so they see it as a waste of their money. My other 3 children are waiting to be tested.
Paula P
Cape Coral, FL