I want to tell you a story about my mom, she is my inspiration everyday. In 93 my mom was diagnosed with her first battle with breast cancer, after a lumpectomy and chemotherapy she was all we thought. Then in 99 she was diagnosed again with breast cancer, this time she had her breast removed and it was all re-stuffed with fat tissue, got an all clear from the doc again. Fast forward to 09 and my mom ended up in the emergency room that's how we found out she had Ovarian cancer........after they did a major surgery did some chemo and all clear. Her doctor was the best mom went thru chemo treatments off and on till a couple weeks before she passed away. Because of her condition me and my husband decided to move up our wedding so my mom could be there, of course my mom was gonna go either way to jump on a plane to come see me in Vegas . a week before this picture was taken my mom was undergoing 4 weeks of radiation treatments and chemotherapy, no one at the wedding would have thought she was fighting anything she looked normal. I am so happy she was able to be there for me and both my sisters weddings, my mom went in for a scheduled chemo treatment at the begging of September and her doctor told her it wasn't working anymore and she would call hospice, yes we were all upset but for my mom to battle cancer off and on for over 20 years she gave it one hell of a fight! two weeks after chemo was stopped my mother passed sisters tried to fly me home in time but I didn't make it in time to tell her good bye. I just want anyone out there that has that day where its painful or you don't feel like fighting just know you have loved ones out there, my sisters and I didn't realize how many people my mom touched over the years till her funeral. I was amazing.
Chris S.