Only With a Mammogram

I had my normal every year mammogram in April and was called in for a redo because there was something suspicious on the mammogram. I went in and had another mammogram and they found some calcification that they wanted to do a biopsy on. I had the biopsy and it was 0 stage cancer which is the very earliest. Had a lumpectomy on May 13th and they removed all of the calcification. They got all of it out after I had another mammogram to confirm. The radiologist recommended that I go thru radiation treatments to give me only a 5% chance of it coming back instead of 35%. I have to have 33 treatments and I will go for my 19th one today. I am doing okay, just a little soreness around the nipple area but am allowed to us clear aloe on it so that helps. I have recommended to all my friends at work that they have their mammograms faithfully because mine would not have been discovered without one because it was not a lump. Thank God for Mammograms which I have had yearly for many many years. I am a 75 year old female who at my age sure didn't expect to get cancer. I have never smoked and have worked in a smoke free building ever since I started working there 24 years ago. No one in my immediate family smokes. Anyone can get cancer. God Bless all of the Cancer survivors and everyone!
Toledo, OH