Pink Paddlers of Maui and the program of Manao'lana (Hope)

Aloha, There is life after breast cancer! We have a terrific group of survivors and caregivers that paddle outrigger hawaiian canoes together at least once a week here in Maui from the beautiful south west shores. We have people from all walks of life. Some live here full time and some come to follow the sun. The pink paddlers have enjoyed events such as racing in a regatta, moonlite paddles and, now are in training for a 90 mile paddle from Maui to Molokai, around Molokai and back. Hopefully we will be going in October to help raise awareness of early detection. When someone is given the news of breast cancer, she has an opportunity to become a "Pink Paddler" when she is ready. We have a wonderful group at the Pacific Cancer Institute to take care of all the cancer patients here. We also have the full support of the Pacific Cancer Foundation in all of our endevors. Everything we do is to help raise funds for the foundation. The Manao'lana program was started in 2005 with just a small group of 8 ladies. We have grown to a group of over 25 now in 2009. So when your in Maui, look for the ladies in pink every Tuesday morning at 8:30am paddling for fun, paddling for life. Come and join us! Just check the Maui News Date Book to find us. I had my first surgery on my 50th birthday--Not at all what I was planning on for that day! Pink paddlers in the boat we paddle for fun, we paddle and laugh out under the sun, on the island, we paddle island style, from the beach into the ocean, in the ocean on the leeward side. Mahalo, Jeannie Kaiser
Jeannie Kaiser
Kihei, Maui, HI