Praise the Lord!

62 yrs old. In Nov i found a lump. I had taken care of cancer patients 20 yrs ago and said if I ever had it I would just skip the chemo. What was the point? 2 yrs of pain and suffering to live 5 more? Not for me or my family. I went for mamogram through the cancer screening program at the health dept. I had no insurance. They are volunteers. My doctor told me she felt we caught it early and she felt , I was going to be ok. So I went for the mamogram and they found a tumor, then I had a biopsie and found more. Stage 2 invasive cancer is what it is. After the doctors told the breakthroughs they had I decided to tell my family and go for the chemo. I've been well no pain or sickness. I'm on my 4th chemo and it's shrinking everytime. My husband passed 13 yrs ago, he had cancer too. If it weren't for the strong support group I don't know what I would've done. God has truely blessed me. I thank Him in all things yes in all things not for all things. Even the cancer, I have cancer it doesn't have me. I meet others at the Moffitt Cancer Center and try to encourage them. I know how scarry it was in the beginning for me. I also thank God for my daughter and sons who are helping me through this too.
Pat Durfee
Largo, FL