Retirement Surprise

In July of 2007, I had just retired from 35 years of teaching and was eagerly charting my new life. The surprise of a lifetime came when a my routine mammogram showed a small tumor. After a biopsy proved positive for cancer, my exciting, new plans screeched to a halt. My family and I were lost in a daze. But, the lumpectomy went well, chemo and radiation weren't the nightmare I expected, and nine months later, my retirement plans were back on track. One amazing part of this journey has been the incredible care each health professional has given to me and my family. Without exception, doctors, nurses, and support staff have been warm, friendly, and focused on my needs. The fright and shock of cancer diminished as I realized that research and oncology are breaking it down, treating it more successfully each year. My two year survivor anniversary is coming up in July. I thank God each day for the millions of people dedicated to eradicating this evil disease, giving me a new lease on life. Hair grows back!
Catherine Cate
Johnston, IA