Sandie's Story

I had my first mammogram 34 years ago, the night before I had a hysterectomy. I didn't really understand what they were all about until I did some investigation. Fortunately, since then I have always had the instinct to get mammograms and do self-exams as prescribed by my physicians. In 1987 I had a benign cyst the size of a pea removed that I could not feel. In 2005 a core needle biopsy proved again to be benign. This year at age 70 a cyst was discovered which required an ultra sound to show it was not serious. None would have been spotted or investigated further without a mammogram. Would I have developed breast cancer if I did not get my mammograms? Good question; I don't know, but I am not anxious to find out. It's impossible for local women to forget self exams; we have a buddy system 8 here where the woman anchor on our evening news reminds women the 8th of each month it's buddy check day. God bless
Sandie Smith
Las Vegas,, NV