Saved by a bug bite

In 2006 my right breast was swollen and in flame. I went directly to my GP and they scan it with no options of what it was. Antibolic was prescribed for two days and the swolleness disappeard. The next week I went in for mammogram for both sides. (especially the right). Only to come to find out that there was something on the left side (which most cancer appears). The Karmano's center treated me very well and after a two (2) lumpectomys found out that my cancer was all through the left side (like shanking pepper on a white sauce dish). So therefore, I was scheduled to have a mastectomy done on my left side. I was at stage "0", unbelieveable! I had to learned to adjust to having only one breast gone and received prothesis (which was an adjustment). Now after three (3) years I am doing just fine. I share with others my story to help them do the right thing and go for your regular checkup - no matter if you are busy - take the time! What everyone needs during and after is support from all. There is a online service from Breast Cancer site to help with any questions you may have - check into it. Web MD is a great place to start as well. Never put your head down because you are special in all eyes and mostly GOD/family. I thank my family and friends for support everyday and am very thankful that I am here to share my story and be apart of the breast cancer walks they provide to help all people (men,women and children of all ages).
Nancy Henry
Westland, MI