Self Breast Exams Work!

I'm a TEN YEAR Breast Cancer Survivor because I found my tumor myself. I was having Mammograms every 6 mo. on the advice of my Dr. & had a clean one in JUNE, 1998. At the time of our only daughter's wedding in Sept. I discovered a lump in my right breast. After the great weekend of celebration I went to my Dr. She said she hadn't felt it in June & that the Mammogram hadn't shown one. So,I had another Mammogram THAT DAY & it was CLEAR/FINE/POSITIVE!! But the lump was there & felt quite big!! SO I had an Ultra Sound & IT WAS SEEN, of course! From there I was sent to a Surgeon who biopsied it & a week later I was told I had stage II Breast Cancer. My husband & I were then VERY QUICKLY meeting with an Oncologist, Radiologist, & Surgeons to consider different treatment options. I was advised to have a Lumpectomy with the "NEW" Sentinel Node Biopsy that was then being used @ Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. That is what I chose to do. The results of the node biopsy came back that the nodes had been invaded, so I had to return for the removal of ALL nodes under my right arm. I firmly believe that my Oncologist saved my life with the 8 Hellish Chemo treatments I took losing "EVERY" hair on my body. Following that I had 32 Radiation treatments, which seemed like a "Cake Walk" after Chemo!! I have great faith & believe in the power of prayer & a positive attitude!! I always believed from the moment of hearing my diagnosis that "I WOULD LIVE" & was not going to die! Praise God!! By the way, My New Grown-in White Hair is now RED!
Judy Eggerling
Odessa, FL