Sis and Me

When I was 60 years old I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and had to have my left breast removed. After the masectomy when I began to take chemotherapy, the doctors said that it was unlikely that I would lose my hair until after the second treatment. When I had only had one treatment and it literally began blowing out the window of the car as we rode down the street, I decided cut it all off. I figured me with a bald head would offend fewer people by than me shedding hair all over them. I called my son to bring his clippers over and do the honors. As my son sheared my locks, my grandson snapped pictures. Before it was all gone, I had had a bowl cut and a Mohawk as well as some other really weird styles, and we had all laughed and laughed. Finally, it was all gone and we took a picture of my shiny bald head that I emailed to my daughter, my sister and several trusted friends and family members. I must say, I really had a pretty good looking cranium without all that hair to camouflage it. The next day, I received a reply from my big sister and she included a picture of her own 64 year old BALD head! She had shaved her head in support of me! I had seen young men and women who shaved their head for various reasons but I couldn't imagine a woman older than myself doing it for any reason. How blessed I felt to be loved that much! Now, I'm a survivor and she's still my biggest supporter!!
Julia Sugg
Suffolk, VA