Sisters fighting Breast Cancer together!

My sister was diagnosed 1 year before me with breast cancer, I was totally shocked to find out that I was going to have to battle this dreaded disease also, I have 3 other sisters who went & got Breast MRI's, since mine was not picked up on the Mammogram I had in October 2006, I found a hard area on my breast in August 2007, the tumor was a fast growing one, I had all the Chemo & Radiation, but my battle was not as hard as my sisters. I was wanting to do the double mastectomy, due to the fact that I had been in touch with other women who had single mastectomies & then the Cancer reoccurred in the other breast. But I thought my MD said I would be able to have a lumpectomy, but when it came down to the surgery I ended up with a mastectomy, in May 2008, then in November my plastic surgeon provided the details of a Free flap TRAM, & I had the second mastectomy with this surgical procedure for bilateral breast reconstruction, he did an amazing job, of giving me my breasts back, & a nice flat tummy, all this for a women of 54 years old, & three children later. I am most thankful to still be here & Cancer free of 1 year, I will be walking my daughter down the aisle with her father on October 24, 2009, I am so thankful that I have been blessed by God, to continue in his work here on earth for a longer time. God bless all of the Cancer Survivors & those who are battling Cancer now.
Pickrell, NE