There is this disease that mimicks Breast Cancer and it is called SMOLD. If you are a smoker, you need to know this information. Squarmous Metaplasia of Lactiffus ducts. It will rock your world and not in a pleasant way. Most doctors don't know about the disease. Because of the signs and symptoms they will evaluate the patient and schedule the patient for a mascetomy after nomal evaluation and testing. My story begins when I was 27. Young and recently married, I was suddenly struck with a pain in my breast. I went to the doctor the following day and he said you are fine. Nothing to worry about. Two months later I was in for my first surgery. Then several months later my second surgery. After seeking the advice and expertise of several doctors there was one conclusion. Have a mascetomy. I refused and forged on. I am a wife and Mother of twins. I could not follow thier advice. I wanted to keep my breast. Even with the scars. It took 12 years for a doctor to diagnose me correctly and what I had been living with was SMOLD. I have sat in the waiting rooms of cancer patients and have seen thier saddness. I have had my share of the mammograms, sonogams and biospies. Please ladies be serious of your breast health and get your mammogram! So, I may not be a survivor of cancer but I an a survivor of SMOLD. In the upcoming years there will be more information of this disease but for now please take my advice and treat your twins with the same care you would your children. Your life depends on it.
Debbie Siegert
Paia, HI