So Much For Stage Four Cancer, 15 % and Five years !!

1957 - Mother diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38. Wife eleven years old. 1959 - Cancer spreads to mother's brain and dies. 1984- January - Wife 38. Breast self exam suggests cancer. Contacts doctor to set up exam. February - Doctor doesn't think so. Wife does. March - Mamogram does not reveal cancer. May - Wife schedules biopsy procedure for early June. June - Doctor comes out of procedure and announces cancer is into the lymph system and wants to know WHAT TO DO ! Told him I have no idea since I'm not a doctor but he better do what he has to do since my wife dislikes hospitals and may not come back. Very angry! Result - double radical mastectomy. Wife a basket case but determined to see children ( same ages as she and her siblings in 1957 ) through high school. Best mom ever. Cancer estrogen positive, elects to have hysterectomy to increase survival. Cancer protocal: chemo, radiation, chemo. Loses hair during chemo. Being sent to County Hospital for radiation with medical records. Stop on way to read. Wife head of her nursing class reads she has stage four cancer and given a 15% chance to survive five years. Crushed! Gets radiation sickness, spiking temps all weekend. Calls clinic, told she has flu !! Calls County, go in, treated,symptoms disappear. Finish protocal. Takes kids on cross country train trip so they might remember her. First Christmas finds 75 gifts under the tree for our three kids. She wants them to know they are loved. 2009 - So much for 15%, five years and stage four cancer : - )) God blessed us. Children grown and have two grandchildren! Trying to get wife to retire from nursing. Best wife, mother, nurse you'll ever know.
Brown Deer, WI