Someone up there is looking after me!!

In December 2008 I found a lump in my right breast and, always telling people to see their doctor straight away, I thought I'd better take my own advice and so went to see my General Practitioner the next day. She thought it was suspicious and five days later I was seen at my local hospital. A mammogram revealed nothing in my case but an ultrasound examination showed up a very early cancer which couldn't be felt on examination and in January I had it removed by wide local excision and also underwent sentinel node biopsy. This was followed by eighteen sessions of radiotherapy and I'm now back to normal and feeling great. The irony is that the 'lump' I'd found at first turned out to be nothing suspicious but, if I hadn't gone to the doctor about that, the cancer wouldn't have been found for who knows how much longer and the outcome could have been so different!!
Amersham, United Kingdom