Stronger than I thought

I was nursing my daughter when I noticed that my right breast seemed harder than the left. Because I was nursing I thought it was just something to do with the milk flow and forgot about it. After a month or so it was getting harder in fact it was painful. So I did a self exam and found that the whole bottom of my breast was hard. When I finally got into the doctor she said that it didn't seem like anything but that we would get a mammogram anyway. I had never had once since I am only 33. The tech almost didn't do the test since I was still nursing, but I insisted. Thankfully. After the radiologist looked at the films they canceled the ultrasound and told me that I would have to get a biopsy. The nurse told me not to worry. I found out on May 5th that I had breast cancer. I got an appointment with the surgeon that day, as fast as we could get there. I had no option for a lumpectomy since the area of cancer was more than half of my breast. Within 9 days I had the mastectomy. Then I found out that I was HER2 positive and would need chemo. I was devastated. Again. Now I have finished my chemo, and survived. It's hard to lose your hair, and no one who hasn't been through it will understand. It's temporary, but you ARE beautiful inside, and it's your life that matters, not your makeup, hair or chest. Your friends may disappear, they love you, but may not know how to deal with this. Sometimes you may have to remind them that they can call you. Be strong, you can survive this.
Star S
Colorado Springs, CO