Support all the way!

September of 2008, my favorite person in the whole world was diagnosed with breast cancer. This person was my Nana. She is the best grandmother anyone would want. I can remeber the day she found out, coming downstairs and saying, "Mushka, I love you more than you will ever know". I thought she was saying she was gonna die. I cried. Then she went for chemo for a year. She fought hard. And with my dad there helping her with his sarcasm towards her kept her spirits up. She never thaught negative about having cancer, or at least not aroubd me and my 3-year-old sister (who just turned 4 in May). My sister and I each went once to one of her chemo treatments. She had a mastectomy done in September. My dad's new joke was that now she was lop-sided. I think the joking arround and having support is what kept her alive and survive the cancer.
Port Jervis, NY