Supporting the Search for a Cure, One Mile at a Time

When I first decided to do the 3-Day for Breast Cancer walk in January 2008, I couldn't explain why I decided to participate except that it was something I just felt I needed to do. I did all the necessary training (up to 18 miles), did the fundraising, etc. In July I went for my mammagram which came back abnormal. More tests were done and in August '08, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it suddenly became clear, I was preparing for what was to come. I had a double mastectomy on September 23rd with tram flap to start the reconstruction. I do have to tell you to be careful what you wish for . . . One of my things was placing my hands on my hips/stomach and saying if they could just take this and move it up here (to my breasts) how cool would that be. Well they can and did. But you know what, It's not that cool after all. All the training I had done had gotten me into the best shape I had been in in years, gave me a wonderful support group, and many new friends. Thank God! There were some complications with the stomach and I ended up with a staph infection and 3 more surgeries. No matter, I am back to training and more determined more than ever to do the walk in October. The Breast Cancer 3-Day is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days. I'm walking in hopes that our daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, family and friends will never have to deal with this cancer. My new theme song . . . I Will Survive
Char Wells
Rockmart, GA