Surprised to have Breast Cancer

I had a normal mammogram in the summer of 2007. I went on vacation to come home and find that I needed to return for a different type of mammogram that would show more information. I then was instructed to see a surgeon because they had detected a turnor in my left breast. I had 3 lumpectomy;s to get all of the cancer from my breast. I then had 7 wks of radiation. That was very successful and it all disappeared. I was really shocked that it had happened to me. I believed it could only happen to other people. BUT I FOUND THAT IS NOT SO !!!!! All women at any age should be very careful and get mammograms to prevent this from happening to them someday. It was very scary for me. I am now a 1 yr survivor of which I am very happy.
Connie Conner
Middletown, DE