survivor of 16 years now another about of cancer

My name is Pam and on Jan 15 1993 I had Infiltration ductile carcinoma Stage III and had a mastectomy. It had spread to my lymp notes 21 was cancer out of 32 which they removed them all. I went through 12 treatmemts of Chemo which I lost my hair and made me very sick. I was only 39 and my doctor found the lump on a routine check up. Jan 15th of 2009 I celebrated my 16th year of being cancer free. April 5th 2009 I went for my annual mammogram and wham it blind sided me. They found something., I thought no they have to be wrong I am healthy I have my mammograms every year and everything has been great. They must of gotten me mixed up with someone else. They did a ultra sound guided needle biopsy with clip. The next day my doctor called and said I am sorry you have breast cancer again. He said this one was small. I am now on April 29th having another mastectomy on my right breast . They will also be doing a Senitle node biopsy. I cannot beleive this is happening to me again. I cried for the first 3 days and was pretty depressed. But I then got my faith in god again and I am going to beat this disease one more time. It didn't take me the first time and wont the second. Don't get me wrong I am scared to death but I have a wonderful husband and fantastic mother that got me through the last time and will get me through this one. So my advise to all women just because you have it once it doesn't mean you will not beat it again.
Pam Williamson
Dayton, OH