I had quit my job to go back to school and earn a teaching certificate. I finished my year of internship and was ready to complete my master's degree and start the first year of my new career. I had a routine mammogram which showed tiny dots of concern. Further testing and biopsy confirmed cancer. I had 3 children and was headed to a new life -- how was this possible? One year later, I had survived a mastectomy, chemotherapy and was taking tamoxifen. Life was good. Four years later another mammogram, and another cancer. Not a recurrence, but a new cancer and a much more aggressive one. Another mastectomy, more intensive chemotherapy and a summer of radiation. But now it is seven years later, and I am a survivor. I have seen my three children graduate from high school, and two of them graduate from college. My oldest is married and my youngest is going off to college. My husband and I are looking forward to travel and empty-nesting. My life is full.
Albuquerque, NM