My son, Henry, 2 yo, was born with the rare Prune Belly Syndrome & Chronic Kidney Disease. By April 2014, Henry was doing great and we could extend blood tests. Then, the unthinkable happened. Two days later, I found a lump in my breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks later. I had surgery to remove the cancer and lymphnodes. It was a grade 3 cancer. Luckily I caught it early. We were devastated and until I recovered from surgery, I couldn’t even lift my baby. In August Henry had surgery. There were complications and 2 days later he was transferred to the NPICU. It was very dangerous for me to be in the hospital because of my low white blood cells and risk of infection, but there was no way I was going to be away from my son. As the months went on, I carried on with my chemo. Early in November Henry was admitted to the hospital again. And again, it was very dangerous for me to be with him, and I was not allowed to hold him. I had only one chemo session remaining and I needed to stay infection free. He was discharged after 17 days - a birthday I will never forget. His kidney was removed in December. I started my radiotherapy at the end of December for 4 weeks every day. Although the most aggressive part of the treatment for my breast cancer is complete, I still have to continue other treatment every three weeks. At one of my last appointments, I expressed my recent increase in numbness and tingling in my arm, hand and foot. The doctor wanted me to get a CT of my brain. Needless to say I was completely distraught. To my great relief the scan was clear. Three weeks later, I had my torso scan and it was clear too - I am cancer free! Last year Henry went through 5 surgeries, some life threatening, and only left his side because of my own surgeries, chemo treatment and radiotherapy.
Lorinda Mamo
San Gwann, Malta