Thanks to Becky

The picture that accompanies this story is my wedding photo. I was married March 6, 2012. A beautiful start to a wonderful new life. A fairy tail wedding to a wonderful person. On April 1st my best friend of 30 years, Becky, passed away from Colo/Rectal Cancer. She has been fighting a year, it came out of no where. Life felt very foreign when someone who has always been there is no longer there. I had only had one Mammogram my entire life and hadn't had one since 2005, but this year when my OB/GYN gave me the form I thought I will get this one done for Becky. At the mammogram they found 5 areas of suspicion and I scheduled lumpectomies. All areas of suspicion were cancer free and I was so relieved. My doctor scheduled a mammogram for me in six months just to be on the safe side.. At my follow up appointment the technician found an area he was sure was scar tissue but wanted to do a ultra sound just to be sure. During the Ultrasound an area of suspicion was found on the other breast and it was immediately biopsied. two days later I got the call that the lump they found was cancer. My doctor decided to do a MRI on both breasts due to my dense breast tissue and due to the fact the the mammogram had missed the cancer on previous occasions. The MRI, as my doctor stated, Lit up like a Christmas tree. There were other instances of cancer in both breasts. After consulting with my doctor and MRI technician we decided to perform a double Mastectomy. All together 7 instances of pre cancer, 1 DCIS and 1 invasive Carcinoma was found. Nothing had spread to the lymphod system. It has been a tough couple of years, but I thank my dear friend Becky everyday for watching over me and inspiring the test that saved my life.
Judy Garcia
Livermore, CA