The best Christmas Gift EVER being told yesterday that I am Cancer Free!!

In April this year I was diagnosed with Stage III Ductal and Lobular Breast Cancer in my left breast. In May and June I had surgery to remove both breasts with 26 lymph nodes removed as 9 of those were infected. In 2005 I had LCIS Rt breast and 2008 LCIS Lt breast. I had the BRCA test and was negative. In my family other female relatives have also been diagnosed including my late mother, cousins, sister and nieces. The gene has not yet been identified. The meaning of Christmas is about 'New Life'. As I look back over this year, I see how far I have come. Yesterday I was given the best Christmas gift anyone could ever ask for.. I was told that it seems that I am now Cancer 'FREE'!!! I still continue my radiotherapy for the next two and a half weeks... and I am to commence early January the tablet 'Anastrozole' (Arimidex) for 10yrs as my cancer had been aggressive and loved oestrogen. I have developed peripheral neuropathy due to the Taxol chemo med in my feet and finger tips, but hopefully that may go in time. The important fact though is that I have another chance on life, and I thank God for his help in my journey through the ups and downs emotionally and physically whilst going through surgery and treatments. So all I wish to now say is Merry Christmas everyone and peace and goodwill to all. Here's hoping for a positive new life in 2016!
Cheshire, United Kingdom