The Big C

Are we even remotely close to an answer To the number one killer disease called cancer? This dreadful disease is claiming too many lives It has science working overtime but yet it defies Medication and radiation are treatments not a cure When and how to end this disease no one is sure Giving up is not an option; we must prevail With everyone's efforts we cannot fail The time length for cancer cure will be shorter If every working American would donate a quarter If you think about it that's a small price to pay Considering the outcome we shouldn't delay If we all work together toward a cure for cancer The quality of our lives would be a little grandeur Prevention is the best means of protection Annual mammograms offers early detection The breast cancer site and others who care Click daily to save lives of women every where Lets show this disease that we are the hero We can turn this big C into a little zero By Katarina Davis Copyright © Katarina Davis
Katarina Davis
San Bernardino, CA