The Bravest Woman I know....My Mother

My mother, Sue Britton, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in December 2015. The cancer was detected while getting her routine yearly mammogram. She was lucky enough to have the cancer caught early enough that the doctors were able to get it all out with the double mastectomy surgery and 12 chemo treatments. She has been the strongest and bravest woman I have ever met throughout this entire horrible process and has always had a positive outlook on life. Our entire family has been there to provide support with every step of the process. The last chemo treatment was on April 26, 2016. The biggest support and her reason to kick this cancer for good has always been her 4 grandchildren. They have always loved her the same and showed her how proud they are even after she lost her hair from the treatments. In order to help her celebrate the last treatment and to show just how proud all of us are of her 4 grandchildren made her a sign. She took that sign with her to the last treatment and it proved to her just how lucky she is and to always keep fighting to keep that nasty cancer gone for good!!
Rachel West
Petersburg, IL