The Day My Life Changed

Jan of 2007, I went for my yearly Mamo I was told that I had Breast Cancer. I went to my Gen Surgeon, the next step was for a breast tissue biopsy. Everything was explained, the next step would be a sentinel lymph node biopsy.The removal of 3 node's one had a very small speck of cancer. And my Oncologist felt the tiny speck wasn't concern enough to have Chemo it would only improve my chances by 3 or 4 percent which we both felt wasn't enough to endure the side effects of chemo. After my healing time about 3 weeks or so I started my radiation setup, and daily treatments 5 day's a week.A total of 33 treatments. All went well and at times I didn't even feel like I was having any side affects by the last two weeks things changed quickly. I was so burned and raw and then the fatigue set in the side affects took awhile for me to heal and return to my normal self which for me took longer than I thought it would be. But, 2 years later at 58 I am doing wonderful and due my continued 6 month check up in April and for my now yearly mamo. I take a daily Arimidex to help keep my hormones controlled since my cancer was a hormone positive cancer. I do see life much differently now! I am a Breast Cancer Survior! And I am stronger now than I was before. A yearly Mamo is how my breast cancer was caught, earlier enough to save my life so I can have more precious time with my loved ones,family and friends and even my doggies. SJSA
kansas city, MO